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Bilby Creative
Short Term Contracts

Short term contracts

It's no secret that hiring and employing an in-house design team is a significant cost to a company. We help you save time on hiring by having a professional graphic designer/illustrator join your team just when you need one.

With a commitment of 40 hours per week with your personal creative professional, you have a cost-effective solution for meeting your creative goals with reduced long-term commitments.

Every client at Bilby Creative is assigned a specific project manager and professional designer/illustrator so they are not shuffled between different people ensuring that the quality of the deliverables remains consistent. In no time, you'll gain a personal team member that knows your brand and design preferences, guaranteeing cohesion across projects.

Business Plan


All concepts and final deliverables are vetted for quality by our team to make sure your assets are always of the highest quality before submission.

Stay in close contact with your dedicated creative professional via email, SMS as well as through Zoom calls.

Receive Only The Very Best


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